Obesity costs

Other than cancer, obesity drives more claim costs than any other condition for employers and plan sponsors these days.



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What we do

Reducing claims through effective obesity management

Heuro Health offers genuine obesity solutions to plan sponsors, aimed at decreasing claim expenditures and reducing the costs and durations associated with workers' compensation, disability, and absenteeism.


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How we are different

Willing to guarantee results after one year


We use neuroplasticity techniques to change lifestyles


We have guaranteed supplies of GLP-1 medications, if appropriate


Interoperability is built into our process for continuity of care


Our program is a 24-month program that works


Included in all plans

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Tailored solutions for plan sponsors: onsite and virtual offerings

With onsite health centers

Heuro complements your existing health centers and clinics, providing additional support and specialized solutions for obesity management.

Without onsite health centers

Heuro offers virtual comprehensive obesity management programs tailored to your needs, ensuring your employees receive the care and support they need.

How it works

About our offerings for plan sponsors

We look forward to successfully restoring the health of your employees or members together!

You set the budget for obesity medication and the Heuro Health Journey for your population. Every plan sponsor has a unique budget dedicated to addressing obesity and weight management. We follow FDA guidelines.

The program requires participants to qualify for the offering. A medical review board will review each patient, determining obesity class and co-morbidities for qualifications based on FDA guidelines.

The offering and journey will lead to success, with participants losing 10-20% of their body weight and maintaining it permanently. However, this requires a two-year commitment, as neuroplasticity necessitates a longer duration for effective results.

We expect 85% of participants to successfully complete the program, thanks to the continuous professional support provided throughout.

Heuro will provide you with reports and relevant information throughout the two-year offering. Participants who are not actively engaging with the program will be removed, and you will not be required to pay for them.

How it works

Deliver life-changing results with Heuro


The Plan Sponsor commits to covering obesity medications to support employee well-being and reduce healthcare claim costs.



The Plan Sponsor meets with Heuro Health for a consultation to understand how the program can be customized to best meet their needs.


Budget setting

The qualified Plan Sponsor sets a program budget for implementing Heuro's weight management journey, including supporting medications.


Participant qualification

Heuro Health qualifies individuals (employees and dependents) based on established clinical criteria within the Plan Sponsor's budget.


24-month journey begins

The journey begins for the approved cohort of participants, utilizing a combination of neuroplasticity and weight loss medications.


First 12-months

Participants receive prescribed weight loss medications and immediate and ongoing support from clinicians and coaches, focused on initiating weight management and lifestyle changes.


Second 12-months

Continued reinforcement of behavioral and lifestyle changes with the goals of sustained weight loss and reduced reliance on weight loss medications.


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Weight loss that is manageable, sustainable, and highly effective

Safety-centric approach



Months to transform a lifetime


We are here for you!

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